Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review: Slingplayer for Logitech Revue™ With Google TV™

Review: Slingplayer for Logitech Revue™ With Google TV™ 

This is my review of the slingplayer app for googleTv. I bought the Logitech Revue only for one reason... that is to stream cable service from my primary residence to my new apartment. We'll lets rate this by categories.

Picture Quality: 
The picture is very clear and a hell of alot better that I expected. I have a upload of 6-8Mbps. Even when I switch to a source that is on a 2Mbps upload it was still very good. This says alot b/c I work in the cable industry and I am extremely sensitive to video quality.

Rating 4 of 5 

App for GoogleTV:
Currently (as of April 2012) the app is free and it still works. Since Logitech said it was no longer going to support the device late last year I am not sure how much longer Slingmedia will keep this app up to day. Of course it is NOT really and App but more of a web based flash player. The damn thing locks up alot more than I really want it to sometimes making it frustrating to watch. The remote function is extremely slow and 70% of the time will lock up the video and you must disconnect and restart the stream. It is extremely important that you know what channel you are watching so you do not have to use the guide function on your cable box.

Rating 2 of 5

The cost of the slingplayer and the revue makes it the cost ineffective for "cord cutting" If I had to do it all over again I am not sure that I would. You can pick up the majority of the broadcasters (ABC/FOX/NBC/PBS) using a over the air antenna.